How Road Legends Hired over 60 New CDL Drivers, Despite the Lack of 60,000 Drivers in the US?

They say truckers run the American economy. If that’s the case, we could be in trouble.

By estimates, 60,000 more drivers will be needed in 2020, and that number could triple in the next 10 years.

Did you know?
More than 80% of the goods we consume are carried on our nation’s highways!

We talked with George, the owner of Road Legends (previously known as MMJ Transportation) with a fleet of 170+ trucks about the general driver problem that was causing him a major headache up until a year ago.

It seems like George found a way to hire experienced drivers on demand, even though there is a major lack of CDL drivers in the US.

George the owner (left) and Thad -- a new trucker for Road Legends (right)


As George explained, at one point the shippers’ demand rose dramaticaly in the last two years, but his company was unable to meet the supply due to shortage of drivers. His shippers were finding alternatives, which led to him losing money.

It was crazy. We were getting leads, but we were already working at full capacity. That’s why we created a lease-purchase program for 2020 Kenworth T680 to attract new drivers and bring in more business. The goal was to sign roughly 60 new drivers in addition to the 106 we already had employed.
-- George, Road Legends

But that didn’t seem to work too well for Road Legends… at the beginning.

Even though he offered a sweet deal for the new drivers, only 7 truckers signed up for the lease-purchase deal in 8 months. However, in the following 3 months, George was able to hire the planned 60 drivers.
Today, Road Legends have more than 170 drivers.

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What Changed that Enabled George to Hire over 60 Experienced Drivers in 3 Months?

The problem as George explains it was nothing more than a matter of right massive exposure to their job posting.
But even he himself couldn’t identify the problem without the help of a recruitment company, specialized in bringing in CDL drivers for transportation businesses --

We’ve tried everything -- job postings on and, Facebook postings, referral programs, yet we saw little to no success in recruiting
 -- explains George.

I responded to an ad from Transportation Code which was saying that they can hire experienced drivers for any transportation company in the US. I got on the phone, met Mirko (the owner of Transportation Code) and decided to give these guys a chance.

What happened next was AMAZING! We had the first experienced driver in less than a week. 8 more followed in the second week of collaborating with Mirko and his team at Transportation Code. All in all, 63 experienced drivers that meet our criteria signed up for our lease-purchase offer in less than 3 months. 

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George, Tell us More about Transportation Code

These guys are phenomenal -- they use a simple, yet sophisticated strategy to attract experienced drivers.

It all comes down in 3 steps:

  1. They create professional videos that give out all the necessary details of our job offer
  2. The videos are displayed on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram using paid ads, targeting CDL Drivers ONLY (over 20,000 truckers are seeing our job posting each month)
  3. Interested truckers give us a call on the spot — and if they qualify they are hired within two weeks

What I loved most is how we were able to handpick the best drivers out of the 300+ applications we received!

Show Us the Videos That Attract CDL Drivers?

Here are a couple of examples on YouTube and Facebook:
Want to see all the videos? Click HERE!

Want to see all the videos? Click HERE!

Go to the Galery of Transportation Code HERE to take a look at videos and images used to attract and hire experienced truckers!

Professional Images are Used Too!


Want to see all the images? Click HERE!


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They create the images, the videos, run the ads -- all you have to do is handpick the best of the best drivers that will fill out and submit the application.

George the owner of Road Legends (left) and Kennis (right) after signing 2nd Truck Lease Purchase contract


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