Who Says You Need A 1100cc Bike To Make A Nice Video? Check Out This Awesome Freestyle Stunts With A Scooter!!!

In this video is demonstrated no ordinary freestyle but freestyle with scooter. This is a relatively new kind, where people do extraordinary things with their “two-wheeled friends.” The guy does very nice tricks. Surprisingly, at the same time he keeps excellent balance and does not let the wheel of his hands. My friend, here are my words to you – well done! 🙂

There are certainly some two wheelers that perfectly fit into the category of “cool” rides and people are making arduous efforts to pull out epic stunts and tricks with them. We’ve seen many videos with guys riding motorbikes, BMXs etc. Still, probably the last thing you would expect to see on that list is a scooter. While scooters and vespas were very cool and stylish back in the 1960s, today they are not all that cool. But, this might be about to change. We have here the latest video from the Taipei production team Kuma Films, featuring the amazing stunter Anpei Yo performing some quite impressive tricks with his scooter. Trust me you don’t want to miss this!


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