The Security Details To Make Use of Floor Jacks

There are security details that every car owner should know while using floor jacks . Attempting to fix your vehicle by yourself appears to be the only way to secure your vehicle if you are looking to save some cash. Since it is your vehicle that transports you all around, safe maintenance of your car and effecting repairs when needed can help you save up some cash while the car lasts and prolong its lifespan.

The Security Details To Make Use of Floor Jacks

If you consider all the money you will be saving by fixing your car and servicing it by yourself; you will be challenged. Yes, it might be tasking or get your digits soiled with automobile oil, but then it keeps your cash in your pocket. Necessary maintenance like using floor jacks seems interesting if you are careful. That is why you must know the security details of making use of floor jacks.

Besides, saving money from car maintenance should not be at your own expense. Security matters, mishaps from a fallen jack could be near-fatal. Now here’s a guide to safe ways of using floor jacks.

How to safely use a floor jack Step By Step Guide?


You can start by raising the anvil while operating the turning lever. Immediately the height is satisfactory; you depress the lever to keep the head locked. If you want to alter the top, raise the lever to release the top and press it down to lock again. To prevent the risk of crashing, its advisable not to use corroded or dented stands.


The very next thing to do is to check the lifting plate; it is the part that will touch the car to lift it from the ground, to ensure that it is not soiled with grease or dirt. A necessary thing here is that you should not use wood pieces or any other item to brace the lifting surface and the vehicle’s contact point, as it might fall out and wreak havoc. Using metal is the surest bet.


The metal tires are necessary and you ought to ensure that they are in good shape as immediately the car’s weight is rested on the jack, it might want to move a little when she vehicle is lifted up. Should it be that the wheels are not moving freely, you can lubricate them alternatively, where they are missing or damaged, you might want to buy a new one. Do well to check for all the four wheels.


The handle of the floor jack regulates the up and down swinging of the jack. If you want the jack to move up, you must rotate the handle towards the right to keep the fluid valve shut inside the pump. If, on the other hand, you want it to move down, unfasten the plug by rotating the valve towards the left direction.


Before you start lifting your car, you need to fix wood blocks to the tires of the adjacent end of the car that is being raised. This is because lifting the vehicle by the wheels that stops the car from moving like the back wheels on a real-wheel vehicle, it will tend to slide over you as what was hindering it is now up above the ground, and the front wheels will allow the car to move smoothly.


Since you now understand how the floor jack operates and how to stop the wheels, it is about time to learn the best positioning for the jack stand immediately the car is up.Now you know how the floor jack works and how to block the wheels. It is time to know where to and where not to place the jack stands when holding the vehicle once lifted.


Some spots on your vehicle will damage it if you jack from that end, make sure you for no reason jack your car from the engine or transmission part. On a one-body vehicle, there’s a provision for a front lifting point which is the best place to lift your car, on either side on either side of the vehicle. Some cars will even point where to fix the jack.

Peradventure yours is a Trailer, Lorry, and other large vehicles, it would have its essential point of jacking which can be easily spotted, and that is the point on which the jack’s surface must rest.


Immediately you are done with the jacking; you can lower the Jack carefully and remove it from the vehicle and keep in a safe and dry place

Closing Words

Floor Jacks are indispensable tools to automobile engineers and in garages especially if you are the type that likes trying your hands on your cars. However, improper use the floor jack can be disastrous, so this safety details on using floor jacks have been put together as a guide for you.


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