Semi-Truck’s TIRE EXPLOSION Shocks People On The Highway In Slovenia!!! Driver Survives, But 80,000 Pounds Heavy Load Of Salt CRUSHED HIS VEHICLE!!!

Tire explosion and disaster happens, as seen on so many other videos on the internet. It is very odd though that the tire got the truck flipping over, causing it to spill the cargo too and making a hard injury on the driver.

The driver of this loaded truck was unconscious for 4 hours in the hospital, after that he woke up to find out that he has a broken jawbone and he had lost about 1.5 liters of blood. It is a miracle that he survived the crash, because judging from the footage it was a hard one to survive.

The load was pure salt, 80, 000 pounds of it now spilled on the asphalt on the highway in Slovenia. There were other cases of blown up tire but this is the heaviest damage done by one. It is just one moment when the tire explodes and then you woke up in a hospital, without any clue at all.

There was no way that the driver knew that a tire explosion was going to happen, but one of the reasons can be over pumping it or the load was just too heavy for this tires to take.


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