WHAT A PITY! 17 Ford Mustangs that Never Got Produced!

11. 1967 Ford Allegro II Concept

1967 Ford Allegro II Concept
This concept has the greenhouse replaced by a low-cut speedster-style windshield, rear deck flying buttresses, a new rear end, and rollbar.…CONTINUE READING On the Next Page Below !


11 thoughts on “WHAT A PITY! 17 Ford Mustangs that Never Got Produced!

  1. craig fogleman

    Not built for very good reasons.

  2. Luis

    all these are great looking cars, they look better than the ones they did take out, the mustabgs they took out are fucking [email protected]

  3. axel

    wow i want this one its beatiful !!!!!!!!!!

  4. michael

    #10 is the best looking one of them all and thre station wagon is prety cool also

  5. Phillip E. Payne

    Interesting photo history, albeit a bit flawed. The Allegro had some serious packaging problems. Safety impossible and would the gas tank live if it was a four place vehicle? The ’66 station wagon is merely someone’s bad guess. None such planned for ’66. Look at the date under the clay model, the model was done in ’66 but would never have been produced before ’71 at best. It was only a study, at best, and never seriously considered. By the way, I worked as a stylist at Ford (& was part of the ’65 Mustang styling team) and what is shown in this article has some errors. Where, also, is the original ’62 Mustang mid-engine show car introduced at Watkins Glen NY (headed up by John Najjar as the design chief) that was the real impetus for what became the famous ’65 Mustang introduced into the Market on April 17, 1964?

    1. olivier chaleil

      Mr Payne , you are an artist , my hat done for all the great mustang designs . i have a 2010 GT and i love the look of it . O.C

      1. Mac

        Glad to hear that you’re satisfied with your 2010 GT Olivier. Also, I agree with you about your opinion on the designs. They are really something 🙂

  6. Barry Pearce

    #14 looks a beauty

    1. Mac

      I agree Barry. It’s a very nice model 🙂

  7. Kim

    The “Bruce Jenner” design (#15)… obviously from his more manly days. Lol.

    1. Mac

      Hahaha 😀 What a funny comment. Kim you’re the best! 😉

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