Why You Shouldn’t Speed? 5 Reasons Behind It

There are many reasons but speeding alone is a huge threat to road safety. Not just you, everyone just needs to reach their destinations ASAP and you give you an idea of how dangerous it is, around 9,378 people died in 2018 as per data of The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Harsh punitive measures, making larger speed signs, and all other measurements are not working to resolve the issue. As life is getting busier, road accidents due to speeding are skyrocketing day by day! The road safety is in its worst scenario just because we are simply careless!

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Speed


Since strict regulations or ticketing speeding drivers are not helping much, you should understand why you should not speed in your heart. It’s your life at stake and you should think about your family if something bad happens to you.


Here are some common reasons why you should stop speeding immediately and encourage others to do the same:


  1. Save Lives From Higher Casualties


On average, almost 13,000 people die in road accidents as per the data of NHTSA. 40,000 (approx.) critical injuries happen just from the accidents. Just after drunk driving, speeding is the main reason behind all those horrible deaths and severe injuries that lead to permanent damages.


From the same report of NHTSA, it was revealed that speeding alone is responsible for almost 27% of all deadly crashes in 2015. Due to increased awareness and harsh punishment, it is much lower than what it was two decades ago, but the percentage is still alarming.


Speedy drivers don’t just speed, they break other rules too. Through statistics of NHTSA, we know now that most of the speeding drivers don’t tend to wear seatbelts as well.


The result is devastating. Stop faster driving now if you don’t want to become part of those statistics and save the lives of others. When you drive slow, you will have an increased ability to adjust for the curves in the road. You won’t be hitting your front car and you will have enough time and distance to use the brake if you need to.


  1. It’s Expensive!


In an estimate by the Department of Energy, if you drive above 60 mph – you are paying extra $0.20 per gallon for gas. Because of the reduced fuel efficiency, you are losing money daily. You won’t notice much that you are buying gas more frequently, but you can save a lot in the long run if you don’t speed. That’s a proven fact!


Also, let’s say you get caught by local police for speeding – you are in a lot of trouble then. Don’t forget, that will lead to higher insurance costs as well. And the reason is pretty simple. As per the research conducted by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), there is a direct link between speed and deadly accidents.


  1. Protect Environment


Any sort of vehicles cause noise, emissions, vibration, etc. and all those issues lead to environmental damage. While speeding, you are doing all of those at a higher rate. You will be disturbing the local communities and there is nothing positive here.


Don’t forget, you are burning more fuel too that leads to more CO2 emission. It’s a data-driven fact that you are burning 15% more fuel and emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere as per the statistics of Ford Motor Company.


  1. Avoid Hefty Ticketing


Ticketing alone is a pretty good reason to avoid speed driving. It may cost you between $100 to $1K! It depends on how fast you were speeding. Faster speeding encourages bitter ticketing that stings a lot! Besides, some states even add negative points on your driving.


Look, I know you will be teased for slow driving; but always keep in mind what you can lose for speeding. As long as you keep the hefty ticketing issue in mind while driving, it will much easier to take your foot off the accelerator.


  1. Save Your License!


As I said, negative points on your driving record for speeding will lead to the cancellation of your license at some point. If you repeated get caught speeding, chances are – the authority will revoke your license and it will be so painful to get it back!


It will take so much longer time to clear your record. You won’t have your driving license, so you would be taking public transport. Now, imagine how much time you will waste in the traffic. And your insurance cost will skyrocket which will be too expensive for you.



Do you have enough reasons to slow down and avoid a deadly car accident? You are not alone, we are all busy. Apart from lame excuses, you have no valid reasons for speeding. If you are late for something, just start early! No matter how much you hate to be stuck in traffic, the cost of speeding simply does not worth it.


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