SINISTER LS3 ’69 CAMARO Pro-Touring Resto-Mod By Advanced Detailing Of South Florida!

We personally have too many dream cars, Chevelle, Charger, Camaro… But this Camaro awakens some special feelings inside of us… That was our first impression when we saw it on the video shown below, extraordinary beauty for a 1969 car, like the time stopped and the car didn’t get any year older.

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro is restored from the roots to the very top, preserving each authentic detail on it. You can notice on the video the door handles are “shaved”, not that there are not there but they fit so elegantly…The car is a product of Advanced Detailing from South Florida.

The heart of this mighty beast, it is really mighty you will hear it later in the video, is the racing GM LS3 V8 engine with custom handmade higher input combined with Tremec T56 and moved by 6-speed gearbox. The original LS3 engine produce 430 hp @ 5900rpm with 575 Nm (424 lb-ft) @ 4600 rpm of torque, but in our case we were just guessing the original power, maybe 480 hp or more, what do you think?

Each time we find a dream “69 Camaro we say this is one of the most beautiful Camaros ever made but actually all of them are awesome, you cannot pick just one and say this is it. This car has everlasting beauty. Do you agree with us? Leave us comments and tell what you think about this one.


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