SMART TRUCKER’S MOVE! Thinking Outside The Box To Get The Job Done Fast And Easy!

You don’t see this every day. A smart truck driver uses his truck in a smart way to load it up with cotton.

He lowered his trailer to the ground and he just moved backwards to the cotton, the cotton was sitting on the ground like a big tube and he loaded all of it just by sliding his trailer on the ground, and the round cotton bales were loading by themselves. But after he loaded the cotton, he saw that it was too long. He just moved his trailer off the ground for a few inches and he started moving forwards, surprisingly the cotton just loaded off itself, but now it was standing upwards so that way it will have more space in the back of the truck when he load the cotton again. That must have been a great day for picking cotton. 

So that is what he did, he loaded off and then he shifted in reverse and started moving backwards again, and the cotton started loading up itself again, but this time the cotton was divided into four cylinders so this way when loaded in the truck it had space for each one.

This is brilliant! Thinking outside the box. That driver should be made a manager ASAP.


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