SMOKING HOT 1972 MACK TRUCK Loaded With Logs Does A CRAZY WHEELIE Like A Hot Rod!

And what were you thinking until now that good old mighty trucks can not perform like a hot rod? Let us tell you something, you were lying to yourself! And they can perform even fully loaded with logs! Soon you will see.

It has been a while since our last article for trucks and we get nostalgic about these monsters which were moving everything from place to place that can be attached and moved. The good old 1972 Mack truck with 5×4 two stick Spicer transmission and mighty 9.3-liter V8 Detroit diesel engine producing 318hp and 1.100lb-ft of torque, was powerful enough to carry the load just on the rear wheels performing a wheelie.

You are still not convinced? Only the video can change your mind, and you will see how easily is for this beast with heavy load on his shoulders to stand on the rear wheels like a cat and what is even more important it can continue moving forward!

On the first wheelie we thought the Mack truck is going to break in two pieces, but we didn’t notice any reaction from the driver’s side so it was clear. The good fellas are used to situation like this. Watch the 1972 Mack truck performing a wheelie bellow in the video.


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