SoFlo Ford F350 Hooking Up With A BIG NASTY Dodge Ram At Redneck Yacht Club! WHO’S GONNA TAKE IT In This Tug Of War?

Rednecks are all about fun these days, fun with trucks that is. Now we have a Dodge that is playing around with the Ford, we haven’t seen this line up for a long time, so now we have the chance. Maybe this is not the fair pull that everybody has hoped for, and if you look once more you will see that the Ford is tied much lower on the frame than the Dodge, so the Dodge has the advantage here.

When the Dodge pulls, it also lifts up the Ford a little bit, causing it to lose traction and therefore losing the race at Redneck Yacht Club too. Maybe it was the driver’s choice to tie it like that, but after he analyses the race, he will notice this fact too and he will know for the next time. It seemed also that the Dodge had a lot more pulling power than the Ford, maybe from all the modifications that are done there, and the more expensive parts that were mounted on the Dodge. The rednecks like to build these kinds of monster trucks, heck we like it too, and the races are just awesome.


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