Which Soundsystem Should You Choose for Your Car?

If you’re a big music fan, or take a lot of calls in your car, you may at some point find that your car’s in-built speaker system is not up to scratch. Automotive manufacturers can produce rudimentary to decent speakers without spending a lot of money, but this can lead to them having tinny or unclear audio, and being easy to damage. Thankfully, this is a common problem and there are many options available, so you can choose the speaker system to suit your needs. Here is an overview of the main types of speakers available.

Full Range Drivers

Full range speakers refer to systems that just use one speaker that captures all pitches and frequencies. They are the most common type of speaker on the market, and as such, are also the easiest to replace. In most cases, you can install them yourself if you match the size and shape of the new speakers to your car’s in-built ones. To capture the fullest and best range of audio in your car, the best sound-systems use component speakers, however. These refer to sets which use a range of speakers to capture different sound frequencies. The most important components of these speaker sets are described below.

Mid Range Speakers

If you are looking to improve the clarity and output of your car’s speakers and do so on a relatively low budget, you should focus on getting a pair of decent mid range speakers. These are often identifiable by their dark, spherical aesthetic, and are designed to replicate the middle frequencies audible to the human ear. Since most instruments and the human voice are at this frequency, this is arguably the most important speaker, and as such the one you should spend the most on if you don’t want to go for a fully high-end speaker set. You can generally get a good sound from a mid-high end set of mid range speakers alone, but if you want to get the highest quality sounding music, you may want to invest in a component system with some high- and low-frequency speakers, too.


Woofers, alternately, are designed to primarily pick up the lower frequencies we are capable of hearing. This means woofers and subwoofers are of particular importance to the quality and intensity of bass tracks. Subwoofers even pick up sounds which cannot be heard by humans, but can be felt. The best sounding speaker systems often include several types of woofer, along with mid and higher frequency speakers. If you are looking for the fullest audio possible, you should consider springing for a set which includes multiple woofers at different frequencies.


You should also remember to factor in the make of your car when deciding which sound-system to go for. The car make is important because if you want to install the speakers yourself, it is likely you will need to match the speakers you buy to the specifications of the model of your vehicle. Otherwise, it is likely you will require paying for professional installation, unless you already have the know-how. If your car has a powerful in-built audio system, it will also need speakers equipped to handle that power to be effective.



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