ST Hi-Tec GTR Festival – Pro GT-R Knows How To GET THE CROWD EXCITED! Check Out THE SIZE OF THE FLAMES Coming Out The Side!

Can you just imagine a GTR festival full with only Nissan GT-R pumped to the teeth? It’s worth to be mentioned that 2016 ST Hi-Tec GTR festival is the first installment which happened. The organizers were shocked when on the opening day from 6:30 in the morning started to park the first GT-Rs. Most numerous on the festival were RB26 engines.

The event was almost killed when started to rain but the Nissan GT-R enthusiast didn’t let the rain kill their spirit, they all took rain jackets just be a part of the tremendous event. And they were right because a lot of heritage was exposed there, from the first ever made GT-R to latest one.

In the afternoon took place the drag racing event, you can only imagine that sight but it really happened. Soon, we’ll bring you some juicy videos full with adrenaline and rush. For those who were not into the racing or parking, there also was an autocross course named as Nulon Oils Tarmac Rally Course. Summing the whole event up, all of the participant had a good time.

What stole our hart on the GTR festival was a monstrous GTR equipped with twin turbos which was throwing two step flames! It is unbelievable! You need to see it on the video below how that bad Japanese muscle boy is roaring with two step flame action!

We can only promise you more interesting videos from the ST Hi-Tec GTR festival more videos with exciting moments from the drag races and from the rally course. The organizers announced that they are really happy how the first installment passed and they are already started organizing the next one while gathering more sponsors. For sure we can expect more.

Now play the video below and witness the flame throwing terrorist.


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