Supercar festival in Monaco

Superfast cars have a way of capturing the attention of everyone when zooming down the street. Car enthusiasts are often the most intrigued with supercars and are always looking for places to interact with them. If you are a car enthusiast that loves watching and interacting with fast cars, then the Supercar festival is your ideal event. The event is held on an annual basis in Monaco and has attracted over forty thousand attendees throughout its existence. It is said that during the festival, the country of Monaco boasts of the highest number of supercars in one location. Although the dates of the festival are not fixed, the event often takes place within the spring season, allowing supercar lovers to calendar it and attend without fail.

What makes the Supercar festival stand out?

Car shows that showcase superfast cars are many in Monaco, giving fast car lovers a chance to see their favorites up close. Even so, the Supercar festival has managed to retain its number one position because of the value it offers attendees. Some of the reasons that have enabled the festival to stay on top of the game for over a decade are highlighted below.

  • Support from the tourism authority

The Supercar festival has gathered a lot of acclaim over the years because of its supporting partners. The festival is backed by reputable government institutions like Monaco Tourism and Convention Authority as well as the Société des Bains de Mer. These institutions place the supercar show as part of their annual calendar, making it a “must attend” event within the year. Additionally, the H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco is also a great supporter of the festival resulting in many dignitaries attending the event.

  • Wide variety of luxury vehicles

Majority of vehicles that are sold in the six-figure range are available at the supercar festival in Monaco. The cars are put on display at the event venue allowing car lovers to touch and feel them without many restrictions. Some of the vehicles that car enthusiasts interact with at the show are the latest models of Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar, McLaren, Aventador SV’s, Koenigsegg, and Mercedes-AMG cars, among others. In some cases, the show is used as the launchpad for the latest model of luxury cars in the market. Additionally, the show also incorporates luxury boats and jewelry as part of the event.

  • Attendance of high-net worth individuals

Sophistication and class are synonymous with the supercar show, thus attracting wealthy individuals within Monaco and beyond. It is common to find the event as part of the calendar of car enthusiasts willing to spend six figures or more to buy their dream car. Also, the event takes place right after the famous Grand Prix, which attracts high-net worth individuals and is often seen as an extension of a supercar celebration period. In most cases, the presence of these individuals becomes beneficial to related business such as casinos that offer free spins no deposit.

  • High sales and orders from supercar lovers

Due to the excellent reputation that the supercar show has gathered over the years, it attracts individuals that buy and place orders for the vehicles. So far, the event records the high sales each year it is held in Monaco, making it a leading business event in the country. The main reason behind the success of the festival is the sponsors backing the event and an exclusive database of attendees shared to companies at the show. Additionally, the popularity of the festival sees return exhibitors showcasing the latest luxury cars in the market.

  • Revolutionary technology

Many car manufacturing companies are incorporating technology in the construction of vehicles for the benefit of users. At the Supercar festival, attendees get to interact with technologically advanced vehicles that are changing the landscape of the motor industry. In some cases, attendees get to test drive the latest vehicle models, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It does not matter the luxury car model; you are likely to get it at the Supercar festival.

Guide on visiting the Supercar festival

Majority of car enthusiasts have made attending the Supercar show in Monaco one of the “must-do” items on their bucket list. However, to enjoy the best of the festival, it is essential to prepare adequately. Some of the simple ways to prepare are listed below.

  • Research about the festival

Even though the Supercar festival is popular, its execution is often done differently every year. To ensure you enjoy your time at the car show, find out as much as possible about the features at the event and any other relevant details.

  • Decide on your means of transportation

Travelling to Monaco for the supercar show can be done in different ways depending on your preference. Attendees can travel by air, train, road, helicopter or taxi to the venue depending on their point of origin. However, due to the popularity of the event, it is important to make transport and accommodation arrangements early personally or through a travel agency.

  • Arrive early at the event space

Attendees to the Supercar festival are required to buy tickets in advance, which allows them into the event space to see the luxury vehicles. It is essential to purchase tickets in good time and arrive at the event in good time so as to explore as many cars as possible. Arriving early also gives you a chance to network with high-net worth individuals and get to develop valuable personals and business relationships. Additionally, follow up with vehicle suppliers after the event if interested in placing an order, purchasing a vehicle or learning more about a particular car model.

Overall, the best way to spend time when visiting Monaco is to watch supercars at the festival. Majority of car enthusiasts enjoy the thrill provided by the cars when they speed past, making them part of a once in a lifetime event. The supercar sporting extravaganza is worth attending for car enthusiasts looking for a different but enjoyable


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