Take A Drive In The Iconic Ford GT40!!! Get A Real Taste Of A True American Muscle Car !!!

Ford GT40 is an iconic car, a four-time winner at Le Mans 24 Hours, and a car which is such a rare specimen, that even seeing one makes a person feel like he’s been high-fived by the one and only Chuck Norris 🙂

So imagine the joy of Alex Kersten’s, editor at Car Throttle, when he was asked to join a passenger lap in that very car around the well known Goodwood race track during the Goodwood Revival.

This is a race car replica, meaning it has the small-block V8 engine with volume of 4.7-litre and old-school 5-speed sequential transmission, two fuel tanks and the winning colours of the 1966 Le Mans race. By its appearance any GT40 is truly magnificent, and not only because it rides only 40 inches from the ground, but because of its super-wide body too, aerodynamic skin and ready-to-race face.

So my question to you is this: if there is one car in the world that you desperately want to experience in a passenger lap in, what would it be and for what reason?

Enjoy watching this great ride on the video below!


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