Taking Care Of Your Vehicle With Regular Car Servicing

My little brother is big into cars, always has been, well I say little he is grown with a family and 3 daughters, but his love for cars has never ceased. He has been working for the past 10-years at the same company working his way up from apprentice to an employee to floor manager. And his hard work has paid off, he is now the General Manager and loving every minute of it.

He says people always ask him why he doesn’t look for another company to see something different and his response is always the same. He essentially grew up in that workshop, constantly covered in grease and smelling like fuel and an oil can combined, and the staff has become his family, the workplace his second home.

Now that his hours have paid off and he is the one hiring apprentices he has the opportunity to give something back to the next generation, showing them the ropes, all the tips, and tricks he has gathered through the years, and instilling them with a life skill that will never be a waste.

Job details.

When it comes to looking after your ‘assets’ your car tends to be in the top 3 priorities of main concerns, it not only gets us from A to B but keeps our family safe on the road when traveling. Like with all machines the parts, nuts, and bolts begin to degrade, wear and tear takes effect and you need to either repair or replace certain aspects of the vehicle for it to function optimally, and why regular servicing is an essential component in owning a car.

We think of the car being serviced as simply hooking it up to a machine and hoping no red lights are triggered in the report, but it is so much more in-depth than that. Take a quick moment to read about what it all entails here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_(motor_vehicle) and see what you should be looking out for, and at the end of the day, paying for.

You don’t want to have a long list of services that have been carried out that are ‘non-essential’ and you end up with an invoice double the price you expected, or even needing to pay.


Choosing a car service company.

This can be tricky as some people believe they can only use the dealership service where they purchased the car from or from the same brand of car workshop that their make of vehicle is, but this needn’t be the case.

If you do your research and compare prices between companies within the relevance of services they offer, you will certainly find a reputable and reliable company that can sort your car out for you.

A few guidelines to keep you on track will make the process that much smoother and simpler, and speaking to industry professionals like those at Northstar car servicing will help you decide what is a necessity, what needs to be kept an eye on, and how best to go about booking an appointment to get you up and running in no time.

You want a firm that will make you feel comfortable, that customer care is a quality they believe in, and who can get the job done right the first time around. The last thing you want is to drive out of the workshop only for the car to begin making odd sounds a week later and leaving you by the side of the road on the way to work one Monday morning, no thank you.


The importance of having your car serviced.

Yes, cars tend to be pretty expensive to maintain, and one of the main reasons why people are hesitant to take it to a garage for fear of a 1-meter invoice at the end of it, but if you schedule a regular checkup and maintain it as you go you eliminate the possibility of having to replace a full engine or electronics system.

You don’t necessarily need to do a full-scale check-up but more along the lines of what is known as an interim check-up, where the essentials and everyday use components are repositioned, tweaked or topped-up, or simply replaced.

The main objective is that you at least ‘begin’ with an interim service if you are still daunted by what could come about if you booked in the regular service, but it is important nonetheless. Hear what others have to say when you click here and see how they went about handling their car maintenance and the benefits that resulted from it.


3 top reasons why.

  • If you are on the road with your kids in the back and you need to brake suddenly you need to ensure your breaks are in top working order, faulty breaks or worn-out break-pads could mean the difference between a fatal accident and a close call. It is not worth it and easily preventable.
  • The same as when you are feeling fit and active you feel good like you can do anything, the same goes for your car. When all systems are working optimally and the parts have been looked after correctly, your car can perform at its top performance level, giving you speed when you need it and safety when the time calls for it.
  • The vehicle is running better than ever and this results in less energy wasted to burn fuel, making it economical and saving you money at the end of the day, something we can all use in our lives, is it not?


When all systems are a go and the car is running at a peak you essentially increase its longevity, letting you drive it for longer before needing to hunt for the next best-priced run-around.

You also do your part to look after the environment and with an efficiently running car your carbon footprint will be that much lower, Mother Nature will thank you and so will your car insurance, making owning a car not as expensive as you thought.






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