Taking The 2005 Lifted Cummins On OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE On Old Trail! All Functions No Frills, AWESOME CUMMINS!

Our 2005 lifted Cummins is kicking the old trail on the ultimate real life off-road adventure. There is one man involved, obviously the driver, one dog and a GoPro camera installed on the driver’s hat. That’s all we have but it’s more than enough to help us understand what a lifted Cummins can does!

From what we can capture on the video our 2005 Cummins is handling the old trail for Hummer adventures like a boss. The guy is driving it on mud terrain while passing over ruts deeper than the tires. The camera position didn’t allow to see that but the movements of the 2005 Dodge Ram, going up and down are obvious. This guy, gave his lifted Cummins a proper off-road drive.

Also passed over huge sideways angles but not for a moment any of the obstacles questioned and tempted the 5.9-liter I6 Cummins engine with 326HP and 610lb-ft of torque, of course, the tires and the lifted suspension plays big role here.

If you own a lifted 2005 Dodge Ram Cummins and you are in doubts should you test it this video is the ultimate proof, so do not hesitate and jump in your lifted Cummins and take it on a lifetime adventure. If there is no one who can support you morally in the truck take your best fellow, your dog and you are ready.

What you can lose? In our opinion you can only gain new experiences and meet your truck abilities while you will enjoy each minute of the off roading. By the way you will strengthen the relationship with your Dodge and to be honest here, that’s why you own it! Beast of that caliber doesn’t belong on the city roads, it wants muddy terrains and proper driving!

Enjoy the video folks!


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