Taking Your Driving Test With A Special Guest Called Porsche 911 – Definitely NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

What do you think it would happen if you took your driving tests with a Porsche 911? Would you pass on the first time or fail and then be happy that you drove one?

Well it is not easy for some drivers to pass a test with the normal small car, and given this Porsche 911 for test driving, is not a good idea at all.

As we can see on the review video made by Car Keys UK, the instructor is telling the candidate that the plan has been slightly changed and that she will be driving the Porsche 911 for the test. Some candidates like it and some are terrified by the idea, because they are saying that they took lesions in other car and now they don’t know how to drive this one.

The funny part of the video is when the commission asks the candidates to open the hood and to show them the parts of the engine, and they open the hood where it is empty. Clearly these young people don’t know where the engine is placed on the Porsche, they are looking with sad faces in the empty space of the hood, thinking that the engine has been removed. Watch and see what happens in the end.


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