How Does Technology Help To Reduce Car Accidents?

Technology is changing every industry. The same stands true for the automobile industry. The use of technology in our automobiles is increasing day by day. There are more and more technologically advanced systems present in our cars these days.

The technologically advanced systems are making our automobiles much safer. The accidents, as well as other problems in our automobiles, are decreasing at a rapid pace. We will today highlight how technology is reducing car accidents.

We will first study the feasibility of speed cameras in reducing road accidents. Speed cameras have a different direct purpose. They monitor the speeding vehicles to find the vehicle owners who are above the speed limit. There is however a side benefit of this technology.

Most of the vehicle owners want to avoid fines about over speeding. Hence, drivers usually stick to the speed limit. When they stick to the speed limit, the probability of accident reduces significantly.

Moreover, most of the drivers are not able to drive at a consistent speed. That is why; they are a bit below the speed threshold. As a result, they are more careful to not over speed. Thus, the chances of a car accident happening are on the lower side. Due to this reason, speed cameras result in a reduction of serious road accidents. They indirectly force the vehicle owners to drive more carefully and below the speed threshold.


Other systems which reduce car accidents

Now, we will highlight some other systems which can be lifesaving and can help you in avoiding collisions.


  • Adaptive headlights

Speed cameras are not the only gadget which can help you in driving safe. There are quite a few other systems which are present in our automobiles these days which can help you make your cars safer. One such feature of our cars these days is the adaptive headlights.

Adaptive headlights turn in the direction in which you move the steering. Thus, the path in front gets illuminated. It will allow you to illuminate the part of the road where you’re going. As a result, you will be able to view in the exact direction in which you move. It will help you avoid any obstacles and any accidents. Adaptive headlights are one such piece of technology which work and make our automobiles safe.


  • Forward Collision System

The forward collision system continually measures the distance between your car as well as the car in front. It will alert you if; the distant goes below a certain threshold. You can then take corrective steps to maintain a proper distance. In case, you are distracted by your smartphone or due to the conversation; it will alert you to keep a safe distance. It is a proactive system which eliminates the probability of an accident occurring altogether.


  • Electronic Stability Control

At higher speeds, cars can slide out of control. It is especially true in inclement weather conditions. When a vehicle consists of electronic stability control, the power to the engine of the car reduces. In case, there is an off-road accident, the car’s engine power reduces by applying brakes to the wheels. The reduction in power ensures that the traction of the engine decreases. It helps you to stop the car in a comparatively shorter distance. According to some research, it can help you in reducing the car rollover possibility by 50%.

With the help of electronic stability control, in case of sudden braking, not only the brakes attempt to stop the car but also the reduced engine power ensures that the vehicle cannot travel a long distance after that irrespective of the speed at which it was currently. Thus, it will be effortless for you to stop the vehicle within a certain specific distance.


  • Traction control systems

Slippery roads are one of the most common causes of car accidents. The traction control system controls the spinning of the wheels at the time of initial acceleration. It is done on wet surfaces to ensure that the car does not get out of control. The spinning is limited to a certain threshold which is as per the input by the driver to the vehicle. Thus, out of control spinning of the wheels cannot take place.


  • Anti-lock braking system

If the brake pads jam against the wheels, it will drift to the car out of control. The anti-lock braking system ensures that the brake pads are applied to the wheels at a high frequency rather than continuously. It means that the vehicle will not drift out of control. You can maintain the direction of the car until it stops. It will help you going off-road and help you avoid a bigger accident.

The anti-lock braking system is different from the traction control system. The traction control system controls the spinning of the wheels where is the anti-lock braking system controls the braking pads of the car. In many of the modern vehicles, both of these systems are available.

One thing is clear that speed cameras are not the only piece of technology which are making our roads safer. There are plenty of systems in our cars which make our cars safer. With the help of technology, the probability of accidents occurring goes down. There are redundant systems available in our vehicles which ensure that the probability of an accident is negligible.


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