Tesla Founder Elon Musk Unveiled Tesla Energy, An Ambitious Plan To Power The World With A NEW DESIGN OF HOME BATTERY Called The Powerwall!!! GET READY FOR IT!

How do you like the idea of having electricity and be disconnected completely off the grid? We like it too much, and the Tesla team made this possible.

With Tesla’s newest reveal, the Powerwall, this idea is now a reality. This unit can power the appliances without being connected to the city grid. The Powerwall can be connected to a solar panel, or some water windmill generator, it doesn’t matter as long as it is not connected to the grid. This will lower the monthly costs per house, and we know that the electricity bill is the biggest one. The Powerwall battery will be shipping soon and there will be two versions available.

The first and smaller one will be $3000 for 7kwh capacity and the bigger and a better one would be the 10kwh and it will cost around $3500. We recommend you buy the bigger one because its capacity allows you to save more power and it can power your home for much longer time. These batteries, or the Powerwall, will change the engine energy infrastructure of the world; it just takes time to get used to them.


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