The 1JZ Powered Nissan 240 In All Its Glory Getting After Some Drift Fun At Closed Down Spots To GET WILD WITH RYAN TUERCK!!!

While I was sitting and watching some videos, searching for something to share with you guys, I found this cool drifting video and since today is the day when I’m going to share few drifting videos with you guys I decided to share this one as well. I had it bookmarked few weeks ago but I forgot about it and now I saw it in related videos and I played it right away.

The reason why I like this drifting video so much it is because it is a free form of drifting, street drifting. The guy who is drifting in this video is doing it out of pure excitement and he is doing it for the fun. Of course we are talking about the one and only Ryan Tuerck.

When I see people like this I just enjoy watching them. I get excited and I love watching people who have the same spirit like me. So I won’t talk too much about this video and I will let you guys have all the fun.

Enjoy the video and after you are done watching don’t forget to visit some of our other drifting videos that I have shared.


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