HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO STAND AND PEDAL? The Bulgarian Made “Halfbike” Reaches Incredible Popularity!!!

The Halfbike designed for the urban jungle is getting the world’s attention! Its designers can be proud for their baby and their waiting for two years has finally paid off. The bike is now hitting the massive production and that means the shy project kept in the drawer from Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov is living its renaissance days!

These two architects from Bulgaria have done a really great job, because their Halfbike differs from the traditional bikes with the incredible new age design and practicality! The half of the bike design is borrowed from the traditional ones and the other half is taken from a tricycle!

The final result is incredible vehicle with bigger functionality than anything similar on the market! The steering of this legs powered “machine” is with the whole body, so if you want to turn right you need to move with your body on that direction! Also with a little effort you can pack this miraculous invention and pick it up with you whatever you want!

Isn’t it great? A green ride, no pollution and healthy living? What do you think, would you going to buy one for the urban city jungle? Watch the video and tell us what do you think!


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