SCANDINAVIAN ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE: The Oresund BRIDGE & UNDERWATER TUNNEL Not Only Links Sweden And Denmark But Also Western And Central Europe!!!

There is a magnificent tunnel in Scandinavia, where the tunnel is first a bridge, then slowly going under water to be a tunnel. This is an architectural masterpiece, and the man who made it is called George K.S.

We don’t know how he came up with this idea, but now he is remembered by this work, the combined bridge and underwater tunnel. The bridge is 54 meters at the highest point, and then starts to go downwards into the water.

There are four lanes of road on the bridge and under it there is a train rail going. The bridge is called Oresund, opened in 2000, and still is the state of the art connecting Denmark and Sweden. The cables that support the bridge are going as high as 204 meters at the highest point. The tunnel was a must, because if the bridge was continued to the end, the path of the load ships would be cut. The load ships would extend their journey from the other side, so there was needed a solution.

Then George K.S. came up with the idea to combine the bridge and the tunnel, and the idea was welcomed and the project was executed.


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