The ULTIMATE GUIDE on Batman Cars, Vehicles and Devices…Fans Of The Dark Knight Are GONNA LOVE IT!

Batman is one of our favorite superheroes. In my opinion he is a true hero. Unlike many other superheroes featured in comics and other media, Batman has no supernatural powers. The caped crusader possess no superhuman abilities which enable him to fly, see through thick steel walls or other cool things which we see in many of his colleagues saving our planet and/or our universe. The one thing that Batman has and which makes him super awesome is his intelligence. As a result of this gift of his, and of course, loads of money, he invented all sorts of cool vehicles, gadgets and equipment to help him fight against criminals. Much like Marvel’s Iron Man. With one big difference that Tony Stark/Iron Man has his extraordinary suit and genius engineering brain as his weapons, while Bruce Wayne/Batman is all around guy with athletic prowess, highly developed combat skills, scientific knowledge and detective skills. Also, Bruce Wayne has a lot of his own demons inside his spirit which incite him to be what he is. This man has tasted the unimaginable consequences of crime on his own body and soul.

Being very impressed by this iconic hero, we decided to show you some of the coolest inventions of Batman. In this article you will find out more about the monumental Batmobile, Batcycle, Batman’s gadgets and devices.


In March 30 this year was the 75-year anniversary of one of the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters, thanks to the many adaptations, animated films and TV series. But Batman is famous not only because of his persistent struggle for justice. He also became attractive to readers and viewers through the means by which he is fighting for the very justice.

One such means is the permanent transport means of the Dark Knight – the Batmobile. For 75 years it has undergone many changes, the benefit from different artists from different vision, and progress does not stand still.

Evolution of the Batmobile

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