CHINESE SUPER SPEED AND INTELLIGENCE: The Whole Refurbishment Of OVER 1300 TONS Of New Surfacing For Beijing’s Sanyuan Bridge Was COMPLETED WITHIN 43 HOURS!!!

These people are fast. Like super-fast. They replaced a huge highway overpass just in 48 hours of time. That is incredible and almost unbelievable, we believe it because there is a video, if not nobody would.

What they did was splitting the highway overpass into four different areas of work and they started working on them one at a time. This reduced the people cost, and increased the speed of building, because the workers were concentrated on one area only, without any distractions from the others.

After they finish the first one they move to the second and so long, until the new asphalt is laid and is made smooth with the presses. They have a ton of machinery as we can see on the video, every machine is doing what it is supposed to do, without any problems or any breaks.

Just the workers change as their shifts ends, and they have been managed so greatly that the manager deserves award for that. After laying the new layer of asphalt, there were road markings painted on it, side lights are installed and it is set for use by the super-smart Chinese people.


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