Things You Need to Know About Automobile Glass

Most of the glass used in modern cars are made of laminated safety glass. It is made using two curved glass sheets and a plastic laminated layer between for safety. When glass breaks into pieces, it can hurt the driver and passengers. That is why the glass is designed to break into pieces on impact to protect everyone in the car.

The glass is used for rear and side windows and even sometimes for the roof. The glass roof can be raised and lowered using a hand crank. The glass doors and roof can be fixed easily. There are some models that also have sun blinds on the side and rear windows. Moreover, the window shields provide additional protection for the driver’s comfort. If you want to replace your car glass, then choose MRM Auto Glass. It is a fast, efficient and reliable car glass replacement service.

Car Windshield

The windshield in a car is used to protect drivers and passengers from dust, insects, and wind while driving. The new car models have windshields with UV coating for protection against the UV rays. However, this extra UV coating is useless as most of the rays are already absorbed by the laminated safety glass. The windshield is also used in motorbikes to protect riders from the wind but is less effective. The main purpose is to just reduce the drag to provide a better aerodynamic design.

Different Types of Auto Glass

There are different types of glass used in windshields. Similarly, we use glass windows in our home to stop the wind. But the main difference is that when the glass in your home breaks, it shatters into small pieces that are harmful. On the other hand, the glass used in car windshields does not shatter.

Tempered Glass

To increase safety in the event of a crash, car windshields are made with tempered glass. Tempered auto glass is made using a process of rapid cooling and heating. Whenever tempered glass breaks, it shatters into many small pieces which is less dangerous than large and sharp pieces. There are also many other products that use tempered glass such as mobile phone screens, sunglasses and cooking dishes. Tempered glass is very hard compared to laminated glass but the main downfall is that it cannot be replaced.

Laminated Glass

The laminated glass is made by placing two glass sheets together using a PVB layer. After, extreme heat is applied to fuse all of these layers together. Laminated glass can also break but it does not allow for the shards to fly off in a collision. This type of glass can endure impacts without shattering into sharp pieces that can be harmful to passengers. The auto industry is using this glass widely around the world. Moreover, this glass type can also be used in other parts of your car where impacts can occur. The glass mostly breaks in an accident or when the temperature is very extreme.


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