Old But SO ARROGANT: This 1951 Ford Mercury With Air Suspension Is Just Way Too Cool!

For the first time the Mercury marquee attacked the automotive market on planet Earth in 1938 and existed for 13 years, beautiful alien between the sedan cars. It’s obvious by its origins to figure from which planet is coming, yeah, Mercury!

He came on Earth with big expectations and powerful power plant, 4.2-liter V8 flathead which was delivering 110HP and 200lb-ft of torque, more than enough for those days. It is worth to mention that these engines were only used in the Mercury cars and heavy duty trucks, so this fact tells everything about the engine’s power! But what about the design, it’s stunning and it really reminds us of an alien from another planet!

We’ve seen many restorations of this famous model and believe us, the already stunning design with some make up and modifications, looks gorgeous and seductive! And what you are going to see next is an amazing 1951 Ford Mercury restoration with air lift suspension and matte-black body paint, fitted on chromed wheels! This is a real mobster car! And tell us something who wouldn’t love to own it?

Play the video bellow and see this masterpiece 1951 Ford Mercury.


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