ONE OF THE NUTTIEST Honda Civics We’ve Ever Ridden In Returns! This 650hp Turbo Car Lines Up For Some DAMN GOOD STREET RACES!!!

This is the fastest K20 Honda Civic equipped with turbocharger that is bigger than most of them. It is good to watch it race against some other well equipped opponents, like the 600hp Trans am, the Nissan 240sx and a 750 HP GSXR, but the Honda is just too fast for them.

The K20 Honda Civic has the largest engine and the most powerful engine ever seen in a Civic before. It is because the Honda Civic is a very small car and not every engine can be fitted inside the hood. How did these master mechanics managed to pump up the power of this engine of the K20 Honda Civic we don’t know, we can only congratulate them for their good job done with it.

This K20 Honda Civic has been under some serious modification, and some custom parts are added as well, to boost the HP of the engine and the total speed of the car. Now it is handling perfectly on the road, and it is too fast for the opponents that are coming in the way of the driver. Check it out, the ultimate Honda Civic K20 racing.


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