This Changes Everything! Zora Duntov’s Turbo Chevrolet Corvette!

This means that you will get a new body that will be a magnificent piece of work that will ride perfectly smooth on the road curves and fly like a bullet on the open road. With a help of some fiberglass experts who will do some work on the design, you will get the old Zora’s Corvette in a new and shining body skin.

Zora Duntov's Corvette 4

This car as they say will always be two steps forward of the road competition. With its L 48 engine (that is still not too crazy about revs over 5 000) it most definitely runs stronger than with the stock automatic L48, but you could not say much more about at this time. It is a simply a matter of taste and sticking with the original. All of these (small) changes in Duntov’s Turbo Corvette works both ways, doing some good and some bad, but it is a matter of sundry compared with how good it looks and feels driving in one of the most legendary Corvettes ever made. I’m sure Zora would have also been proud of it, seeing his great love hitting the streets today.


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