This Is DEFINITELY The Wackiest Harley Davidson Race! Style Over Speed Mixed With Redneck Craziness:

This video is one of those crazy motorcycle videos where the accent is put on the fun instead on the race. But when the craziness is performed with style then the outcome is just cute. And that’s the same with this video.

A group of Harley Davidson lovers took their motorbikes on a dirt race. It’s kind of unusual to race with a Harley on a dirt track but it seems like a funny show. But believe us this is one huge epic fail video and the crowd is only cheering when someone is falling and standing from the motorbike like the show is fall and stand!

But these biker boys are unbeatable, many strong fails but all of them managed to stand and continue the race.

Impressive surpassing’s on the left turns followed with massive risks but at the end each risk was worth. So, if you have some free time and you want to chill your mind then this video is the perfect match. Play it and enjoy.

P.S. Many of the bikers are drunk so you know that the fun is guaranteed here 🙂


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