This MONSTROUS Chevy-Mustang Frankenstein Is A Turbocharged Fox Running Eight-Second Quarter-Miles And SWEEPING THE STREET CLASS!!!

This custom build monster is nothing like you have ever seen before. Wearing a 5.3-liter Chevy engine under its hood, this Mustang with Fox body is eating up everything that comes against it. From the look of the car you can see that there is something going under that hood that is simply insane.

This car was made for racing and the manufacturers have done a really good job, while the look of it is very hardcore. The front wheels are seemingly smaller than the back ones which gives it a more tilted and overall more aesthetic look. The sticker decals are a nice touch as well because they are not overly done. The inside of the car was made crash-proof with the standard racing cage. On the back of the car there is a small parachute strapped to the body for slowing down, so you can simply imagine the potential speed of this car.

On the other hand, the 88-mm turbocharger Chevy-Stang hybrid running at high eight’s in the quarter mile, has destroyed everything it’s come up against, and sealing the first place at Street Racer Class at both SCT Nashville and SCT Indianapolis. We can see a number of races where the Chevy-Stang hybrid eats his opponents by a big distance. One of the races was with a Nissan GT-R that carries and 3.8L V6 T engine with Dual-Clutch 6 speeds Transmission who also ended up behind the Chevy-Stang. The crowd that saw the Chevy-Stang Fox was just amazed of the great performance that the Chevy exhibited on the asphalt and on that speed board.


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