Say Goodbye To 2015 SEMA Show With This ULTIMATE TRUCK PARADE At Ignited 2015!!!

It is like a tradition on the SEMA Motor Show, that trucks do a parade there. The owners of the trucks and the team members who built them, are inside the truck and driving them on the show, showing us the beauty of the trucks as they move one by one.

This is great idea because just standing in the hall of the show is not a good show, we need to see them on the road and how they are performing. Even though we cannot ask the drivers to rev the engines, we can hear the loud mumble and that’s how we know that they are powerful and loud on the road. In this year’s edition of SEMA Ignited we can see very different styles of remakes, like the first one which is lifted above the ground like 1 meter or so, and the second one standing normally on the shocks.

That’s how we can see the difference, which truck has air shocks and which one has the normal spring coiled ones. Which looks better is up to the viewers, even though all of these trucks look absolutely magnificent. Don’t miss some truck out.


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