Tips on Shipping a Car During the Pandemic

If you need to send a vehicle during a national shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re in luck. Transport is considered an essential industry, which means that road carriers continue to deliver vehicles to all parts of the country. 


Because of COVID-19, many people who never had to transport a vehicle before suddenly had to send it immediately.

Why Ship A Vehicle During A Pandemic?

Even if road transport does not put you at significant risk, you may wonder why you want to send a vehicle during a pandemic? 

That’s a good question. The effects of Coronavirus are increasing the need for road transport services. Here are some examples:

Getting A Car Home From College

When college campuses started closing, many students had to hurry home. And now the final exams are over, the universities have begun to clear up completely, and many students need a car somewhere else. Delivery can make the most sense, especially since long trips can be risky. 

Stop Somewhere Else 

Coronavirus has affected some areas harder than others. For those who can, it may make sense to settle into a house or holiday home, and it also makes sense to have a car wherever you plan to live for an extended period. 

Help Family And Friends 

Many people are having difficulty right now. If you have a friend or family that you plan to give a car to, getting it transported saves you time on the road. You can do a good deed for someone who needs it without inconveniencing yourself. 


Common Myths About Auto Shipping During Coronavirus

Some have mentioned myths about the pandemic that are understandable but incorrect. For example, there is no evidence that international road transport is riskier. 

Vehicles transported from abroad should be wiped with disinfectant inside and outside, but they should not be considered more dangerous than cars driven inside the country. 

The same applies to vehicles manufactured by foreign car manufacturers or to cars that rely heavily on foreign spare parts. All vehicles should be treated with the same caution throughout the pandemic. 


Shipping A Vehicle Safely

If you choose to ship the vehicle for any reason, you must take some precautions in advance. It is always advisable to clean the car thoroughly before shipping by removing everything other than what came with the car. 


Before Drop Off

The preparation of the vehicle for transport has not changed much. You will want to clean the interior and take your personal belongings out of it, especially anything of value. 

It would help if you now took extra precautions to wipe the interior with disinfectant to kill anything that may be harmful. The vehicle transporter should be in and out of your vehicle for a time. Therefore, take your time to make the interior even cleaner and safer.

Depending on the circumstances of transport, you can create a set of accessories. These can include disinfectant wipes, facial masks, hand sanitizer. You can send them with the vehicle and have them on hand whenever you (or someone with your permission) pick up the vehicle. 

If you need to go to a bank to get cash to hand over to the carrier, ask the cashier to put the bills in an envelope or plastic bag. Do not count the money to restrict your exposure, which will also make it safer for the carrier to receive the bills of exchange.


During Drop Off

It is no more or less safe to meet face-to-face with a transport carrier during COVID-19 than meeting any other time. You should follow the same protocols you use when you go out in public, ideally using masks and gloves. 

If you don’t have an N95 mask or face covering, the CDC recommends that you make a face mask from materials that are likely to be found all over the house. Regardless of the materials and construction quality, having something covering your mouth and nose reduces the risk of infection and transmission. 

You should wear disposable gloves throughout the drop and always keep a distance of six feet from each other. When exchanging money or documents, like the bill of lading, place them on the surface or the hood of the car. 

To further limit exposure, take a pen with you instead of sharing it. You should also wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after meeting with the driver.


During Pickup

All the same safety precautions should be taken when picking up the car: wear a mask and gloves, keep your distance, etc. 

A car riding on the back of a truck is likely to be hardly exposed to Coronavirus. Even if it passes through areas with a high level of contamination, it is still the best policy to treat any vehicle that you take as a potential risk. 

Keep disinfectant wipes for each surface at hand before touching it, even if you wear gloves. Be sure to be aware of the door handle, gearshift, and steering wheel, which the people usually touch. The car should be safe to drive at this stage, but you can choose to clean it more thoroughly later.


To Sum Up

Shutdown orders will not affect your ability to transport anything, but for the sake of your health and the car carrier you are working with, you should take some necessary precautions when you meet. 

After these precautions are taken, shipping is just as easy as it was before the pandemic.


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