Tips for Transporting Cars

Tips for Transporting Cars


You may either drive your automobile yourself while relocating or hire an auto shipping company to carry it for you. Opting for a reliable shipping company can make the transportation process hassle-free. 

Flat deck trailers are commonly used in car transportation services. However, to avoid extra expenses and potential damages, it’s essential to prepare your car adequately. 

We will help you in this post to aid in your investigation of reliable automobile shipping services. You may select a business that satisfies your particular requirements and guarantees the safe transportation of your vehicle by doing extensive research.


  • Gather Your Car’s Paperwork 


Ensure you have all the essential documentation to show your ownership of the vehicle before looking for the best auto shipping company. 

To prevent any last-minute paperwork concerns that can interfere with your pick-up schedule, it is imperative to complete this as soon as possible. The car shipping company will typically require copies of the following documents:

  • Valid identification, such as a driver’s license or passport

  • Car title

  • Proof of ownership, such as the bill of sale

  • Registration

  • Proof of insurance


  • Research Car Transportation Companies 


Since you don’t require auto shipping services frequently, it’s important to know what to look for in a car transportation company. 

Given the substantial investment involved in shipping your car, it’s wise to conduct thorough research on several businesses. Consider factors such as online reviews, years of experience, licensure, and insurance coverage. 


  • Inquire About Deposits and Payments 


Each auto shipping company, especially brokers, has specific payment requirements. Some may require deposits, while others may request payment at pick-up or delivery. During your research, discuss payment safeguarding measures with your representative. 

Additionally, inquire about the accepted payment methods, as companies may have a combination of credit cards, cashier’s checks, and cash. Carefully review your contract for the designated payment schedule and any potential hidden fees.


  • Discuss Your Schedule, Location, and Destination 


When engaging with your chosen shipping company, it’s crucial to provide

them with important details regarding your schedule, location, and destination. These details are essential for planning the route and services for transporting your car.


  • Verify the Car Shipper’s Insurance 


Ensure you discuss with the shipping company about their liability insurance coverage for your car. Additionally, check with your auto insurance provider to determine if there are any coverage issues or if additional insurance is available for the duration of the transport. 

It’s important to note that insurance differs between brokers and carriers. Brokers often rely on the insurance of the contracted transport company, while carriers typically have their insurance policies. You should also look into the certificates of insurance or other verifying documents before entrusting your vehicle for shipping.


  • Utilize Money-Saving Tips


 While car transportation can be expensive, there are strategies you can employ to save some money. Discuss the following potential discounts with your chosen shipper:

  • Shipping during the offseason, such as fall or winter

  • Adding your car to a household goods shipment with a local moving company

  • Opting for pick-up and delivery in major cities instead of your home address



  • Prepare Your Car for Shipment


After conducting research and communicating with the shipping company, it’s time to focus on preparing your car for transport.

Before concluding the process, carefully review the bill of lading, which provides a legal contract containing trip details. Pay close attention to the following points:

  • Accuracy of pick-up and delivery locations

  • Vehicle condition report

  • Special issues or concerns you have previously noted


You may substantially improve your automobile transportation experience and protect your vehicle the entire time by using the advice presented in this article. 

Your automobile will be treated with care and professionalism if you take the time to study and select a reliable auto shipping business.


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