TOP 10 OF THE SCARIEST, Most Unsafe Highways, Bridges And Roads Ever Built!!! Car Accidents Are A COMMON THING On These Streets!!!

Here we have the 10 most dangerous roads in the world, so if you were asking where not to drive, better watch this video.

It will be all clear to you, which are most dangerous roads and why are they so dangerous. Located on the coastal edge of Norway, there is a road called “Atlantic Ocean Road”, it some magazines this road is listed like a must drive road in your life. But this can be dangerous, because if you are not careful and your car strays off the road, then it immediately will land in the water and there is no way out of there.

This road is about 5 miles long, built on small islands and rocks, and sometimes the water splashes on your windshield from the waves from the sea. There is one dangerous bridge called Eshima Ohashi that is only a mile long, but it has very high gradient, like 6.1% from one side, and 5.1% on the other side.

The bridge was built so narrow because the ships need to pass under it without disrupting the ongoing traffic. This is one dangerous bridge to drive on, for more watch the full video.


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