TOP 12 OFF CAR DESIGNS That Will Totally Blow Your Mind Off!!! This Is Why WITH NO CAR THERE IS NO FUN!

10. Blastolene Special

The Blastolene Special, nicknamed the “Tank Car”, is a novel, exceptionally constructed auto, outlined and worked by Randy Grubb, an American designer and car enthusiast. The car is currently in ownership of the famous Jay Leno, who quite often drives it on open roads. It was made using a U.S. military tank motor and a handmade aluminum body. It initially produced 810 bhp at 2800 rpm and 2,120 N·m of torque at 2400 rpm.  The car has a weight of 9,500 lb which is 1/11 of the weight of the military tank which initially used the engine.

Blastolene Special front three quarters

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