Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Car Privately

You have several choices when it’s time to sell your beloved vehicle. The first is simple to trade it against a newer one; assuming you’re replacing it. The second is to sell it directly to a car specialist. There are several of those who promise to purchase your car immediately; they will do but you won’t get as much as if you decide to sell it privately.

Selling privately is the third options and is definitely the best choice if you’re not in a rush and want the best possible price.

Of course, the process is slightly more involved, you’ll have to speak to interested parties and deal with a few timewasters before you find the buyer you want.

Here are 5 tips to help you sell your car privately:

  1. Clean It

First impressions really do count when you’re selling a car. Any prospective buyer will look to see if the car is clean and well presented; this indicates someone who looks after their vehicles; which means there is a better chance that you’ve looked after the maintenance of your car as well.

  1. History

The greater the amount of history you have for your vehicle the better. Again, people like a vehicle that has been looked after, it reduces the likelihood of having issues.

Collect all the history of your vehicle together and keep it in a file to show a prospective buyer; they will appreciate it and it is likely to improve your chances of getting a quick sale.

  1. Consider A Car Buying Service

Just because you plan to sell your car privately doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t contact a car buying service. The first thing they’ll give you is a price; this is important when setting your price and in knowing the range you are interested in negotiating too.

On top of this, you may actually be surprised by the price that a specialist, such as I sold my car, can offer. It may be enough to forego the hassle of listing the car privately yourself.

  1. Advertise

You need to advertise in as many different venues as possible. Most people will now look online for their next vehicle. You need to be listed with one of the sites that people in your area will actually look at. It’s essential to do a little research before you choose your advertising parameters and venues.

It is also worth checking to see if there are any specialist sites for your type of vehicle.

Don’t forget the more traditional approach, word of mouth and local notice boards; you never know where a sale can come from.

Photos are also an essential part of any advert, the better a prospective buyer can see a car before they come to view the more likely they are to purchase it.

  1. Price It Right

Your car will sell much quicker if you get the pricing right. The first step in this is to research what other cars, similar to yours, are selling for. You can then compare their features and work out the most attractive price for your own vehicle.






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