CAN GRAVITY BEAT A 300 HP RALLY CAR ON SNOW AND ICE?! Watch How Top Gear Tests The Limits Of Mitsubishi Evo In THE MOST EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS Of The World!

Top Gear is a car show that every car enthusiast have watched ad list once, and the reason for that is because there is always some interesting stuff that they are doing and also reviewing the world’s best cars.

Today they have decided to test the limits on snow and ice. So they had an interesting idea to compare bobsleigh with a rally car, to see which of them can finish faster on a track that is nearly the same. They are in Lillehammer in Norway that hosted 1994 winter Olympics, it has one of the most formidable bobsleigh runs in the world and next to that it has a road that is the same length as the bobsleigh, as I said before. So on the one side Richard joins a bobsleigh team and on the other side James rides in the passenger sit in a Mitsubishi Evo world rally car, that is modified for this kind of environment. Long story short in a matter of few seconds the bobsleigh team finished first beating the Mitsubishi Evo.

I know that Top Gear always surprise us with some interesting things and that is maybe the reason why the whole world are watching them. So watch this video and see what was the reason that the bobsleigh team finished before the Mitsubishi Evo.


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