Toyota Tacoma Going Through A Deep Washout Covered With 4″+ THICK CHUNKS OF ICE! Almost Stuck But Front (And Rear!) ARB Diff Lock SAVED THE DAY!!!

Living in an area that has heavy snow fall in the winter and the temperature gets well below zero can be tough and especially when you want to get somewhere fast and your car won’t start and if it starts it will not be reliable on the ice.

That’s why Toyota has made something special for us living in icy conditions, and we all like it. It is the Toyota Tacoma, a monster of a truck that has no problem going on the icy snow and icy water. The engine is on our side because it will never fail to start on the cold weather, even if it gets ten or twenty degrees below zero.

With one turn of the key you are ready to go wherever you want. The four wheel drive is perfectly assembled and when one tire is struggling with the ice and just turning in one place, the other three help to get out of the ice in just a second and you are on your way. There is no ice and snow that will stop this Toyota Tacoma, and you will be one happy owner if you buy it. Check the test on the video bellow.


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