Train SMASHES A Scania Semi Truck IN A GREAT FURY In Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic!!! Luckily No One Got Hurt!!!

Semi-truck being hit by a train seems impossible, because we know that truck drivers are the most conscious ones out there on the road, but we have a video footage where it is caught on camera.

It seems like the truck driver of this Scania semi truck just wanted to pass the crossing fast without waiting for the train to pass first, but he didn’t calculate the time in which the train will arrive and he got busted. Now we can only guess the damage that has been done on the truck and on the goods that he was carrying inside.

The good thing here is that nobody got hurt in the traffic accident, and we know that the truck driver will be more aware the next time he comes near a crossing. The other thing that is very interesting is that the train stopped very quickly after the crash. Seconds after he hit the trailer, the train stopped to remove the trailer of his nose.

We know that everybody is happy that there are not big consequences from this crash, next time maybe a lot more damage would be done if people are not careful.


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