Tug Of War DOMINATION By This Angry Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck At Dirty Mo! GOD BLESS MURICA!!!

Tug of war seems to be the main scale when it comes to muscled up trucks, and they are all ready to pull another truck in order to win it.

Tug of war was introduced recently but more and more truck builders want to place their work of art on the line, to see what it can do, what kind of power it has and to see if their truck can win the race. Here the weight distribution is very important factor, because if the tires don’t have the weight to push them on the asphalt, there is no grip and the race will be lost.

That’s why there are weights placed on the front bumper on one of the trucks that are racing in the tug of war, so that the front tires will have the grip to pull too, not only the rear ones. The Cummins Diesel engine seems to be the perfect one for the tug of war, because as we can see on the video it is winning all the races, it is pulling all the trucks that were tied to it like there is nothing attached to it.

What a tug of war event this is.


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