And Away We Go!!! This TURBO CAMARO Sprints In 6.12 seconds to 244 MPH Becoming The World’s Fastest 1/4 Mile Drag Radial Car!

We have seen a lot of ‘6-second cars’ on the quarter mile, such as the Toyota Supra of Titan Motorsports and EKanoo Racing team that put down a record back in March 2013, but the way this turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro passes the quarter mile in 6.12 seconds at speed of 244 miles per hour is particularly impressive.

The way that the driver Roger Holder accelerates the XDR turbo 2000 Camaro from the starting line is so amazingly smooth, with hardly any wheel spin and no steering corrections you could almost call it boring.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the best possible way by posting the video presented below in the article, according to the uploader YouTube user Pro Line Racing, this Camaro has just secured its title as the fastest 1/4 mile drag radial car in the world! On the 1/4 mile the Camaro lines up with a Ford Mustang and quickly leaves it behind in the dust.

Wait until you see the Camaro, it will certainly throw you off! Enjoy the show!


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