BUBBA ROPE DOING WORK!!! Twin Turbo Cummins 2006 Dodge Mega Cab 2500 Yanks This 4Runner OUT OF THE SAND At Villano Beach!

Showing off on the beach sometimes ends up with a shame. Like this owner here, he needed to call the Dodge Ram with the Twin Turbo Cummins engine to the rescue.

This is one shameful situation, because for sure the stuck guy wanted to show off with this not so powerful Toyota 4Runner on the beach, to show off the 4×4 and to show that his truck can go on the sand too. As it turns out, it doesn’t go everywhere as claimed, the owner got stuck with the 4Runner together on the sand right on the middle of the beach, and he needed to call the Dodge Ram for help.

As we all know, the Dodge owners are helpful, they will not leave you hanging anywhere, they will do whatever is needed to help you. That’s why the owner of the great Dodge Ram which has twin turbo diesel engine tied the other truck with a rope and he is trying to pull it out of the deep sand it is in.

At the end the Ram finally gets the truck out of the sand, and the girls are cheering from the side.


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