Are tyres covered in a car warranty?

A car warranty offers financial protection for vehicle owners, helping you to avoid paying for replacement parts or labour costs, should your vehicle have electrical issues or mechanical faults.


If something goes wrong with your vehicle it can be very expensive to fix, which is why it’s important to have a valid car warranty. Car warranties vary depending on the provider, so you’ll need to check what’s covered and what isn’t. In most cases, your warranty will only remain valid if you have your car serviced regularly.


Are tyres covered in a car warranty?

As mentioned above car warranties will vary according to the provider. Perhaps you’re wondering if tyres are covered in a car warranty? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Tyres are usually considered to be ‘wear and tear’ car parts. For this reason, your tyres do not come under your warranty agreement.


A car warranty tends to cover the mechanical and electrical elements of your vehicle, as well as replacement and repair expenses. Since tyres do not fit into these categories, you’ll have to pay for a new pair of tyres yourself!


How can I take care of my tyres?

As tyres are not covered under warranty it’s certainly worth thinking about how you can properly maintain your tyres. The UK law has a few guidelines about the condition of tyres, to keep you and other motorists safe. You need to ensure that your tyres have a 1.6mm tread depth. As well as this your tyres need to be equally sized for each axle; compatible with the other tyres on your car; and correctly inflated. It’s important to ensure that your tyres have no bulges, bumps, or tears that exceed 10% of the tyre width.


To help you maintain your tyres correctly, the following tips may come in handy:


  • Visually inspect your vehicle daily, look for damage, or objects caught in the tread (perhaps stones or nails).
  • Adjust your tyre pressure depending on what kind of load your vehicle is carrying.
  • Take a look at the valve, remove dirt and dust, and monitor wear and tear.
  • Check over the tyres before taking your vehicle to have an MOT.


It’s important to adhere to the laws, or you could end up with a hefty fine. To keep your tyres in great condition you can also consider the following:


    1 . Check the wheel alignment


If your wheels are not aligned correctly this can end up causing issues with your tyres. Tyres with poor alignment may become damaged more easily, and be more prone to wearing out. An incorrect wheel alignment can make it more difficult to control your vehicle, and leave you with more expensive fuel costs.


  1. Basic good habits


Basic good driving habits can help you to take better care of your tyres. Firstly, avoid excessive acceleration or braking while you drive. Try not to speed, and steer clear of roads with uneven surfaces. Avoid mounting the kerb, as this can weaken and cause damage to your tyres. If mounting the kerb is unavoidable, be careful to go slow.


  1. Try tyre pressure apps


To help you maintain your tyres, there are a few tyre pressure apps that can make life easier. Some of the best options include:


Sensairy: Using the Sensairy app you can check the tire pressure of your vehicle, with ‘Bluetooth low energy’. The application gives you pressure readings using bar units, kilopascal, or pounds per square inch.


FOBO Tyre: Another great tyre pressure app, FOBO Tyre helps you track your tyre pressure and receive flat tyre alerts. Other handy features include tire sensor replacement and anti-theft features.


Do I need to purchase my original tyre brand?

No, if you are replacing your tyres you don’t necessarily have to buy the original brand that your vehicle came with. You are free to choose a different brand of tyre, just ensure that you use tyres that all have an equal speed rating.


How can Round Trip Tyres help?

Round Trip Tyres can help you to find the perfect replacement set of tyres for your vehicle. We stock thousands of brands, sizes, and models, so whatever your requirements are we can meet your needs. Round Trip Tyres even offer a ‘price match promise’, if you’ve found a less expensive product, we’ll match it or even beat it if we can. To chat about your tire requirements today, get in touch with our friendly team.















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