ULTIMATE DRIFTING: Watch These ‘Need For Speed’ Cars Come Alive…

There are some of you who don’t know how to drive or who are still too young to drive, or you just might not have the money to buy a drifting car, a car that can drift at least few feat.

But no worries this video might just inspire you into doing the same thing, just get yourself an RC car, tune her into a racing car and start drifting! We can see in the video that all of the cars were inspired by Need For Speed, I bet all of you have played at least one part of the amazing game with cars “Need For Speed” or at least you have heard of it.

The whole video look so cool you just can’t believe your eyes, and at the same time it looks really real, at one point I was wondering if these were really RC cars or I’m just dreaming. Any way the video is really cool, we can see some drifts on a RC track and also some circle drifts and some burnouts. We can thank Falken Tire, HPI Racing, My Trick RC and Super G Drift Arena for teaming up and making this incredible footage.

This is a dream come true for everyone who love drifting and they don’t have the chance to do that in real with a real car.


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