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1977 Ferrari 308 GTS

Since 1980, when the pilot episode was shown for the first time until 1988, when it was taken and shown in the final episode, the model 308 GTS went through it all its variations on the theme and evolutions -- from initially was used the 308 GTS, through 308 GTSi, to 308 GTSi Quattro Valvole. Knowers of Ferrari know very well that the model 308 was the best-selling Ferrari of all time in the United States, which is not surprising, considering that it originated at the right time -- the time of greed and kitsch where nothing was quite expensive, but the small red car had very well fed all those who were driving in their 308 sample pretending to be the Magnum in the real world drawing attention of potential brides from clubs and restaurants.

1977 Ferrari 308 GTS front three quarters
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