ULTIMATE LIST of All The Actors In Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)…! One More Reason to Watch it Again!

3. Giovanni Ribisi -- “Kip” Raines


Giovanni-Ribisi-front view

The brother of Memphis, who has always dreamed to be like him. A car theft who acts boldly and often successfully. This character distinguishes recklessness, inexperience and, oddly enough, the sloppiness in appearance. From childhood Kip dreamed about being as strong and agile as his older brother. In an effort to raise his credibility among his peers, he became engaged in the same criminal acts -- stealing cars. After some time around China he gathered a group of young men, his companions. Car theft -- a criminal activity and once the situation got out of control, threatening the life of the bale. He failed a criminal inquiry, and now must fulfill the conditions of the leader of a criminal gang. Kip comes to the aid of his older brother who helps him get out of a dangerous situation.

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