Damn it was a tough choice to pick the best 10, yeah we discussed a lot and finally on the end we agreed at one thing, we will go without order. We wont separate them on boat engines, car engines, truck engines, stationary engines or generators, our list is mixed and gathers all the baddest diesel engines in the world!

So sit comfortably and open your mind for digesting new diesel data!

We will start backward if you dont mind. By the way, it would be more impressive until you reach the first one.

The number 10 belongs to the Cummins B-Series and dont think that we underrated him! He wasnt the first one but he literally introduced the idea for diesel pickup trucks, and it was fine then but today is excellent! He possess enough (610lb-ft) torque to move a whole building, enough 325HP which comes from the 6 cylinders inline which are fed by the electronic high pressure common rail. The total displacement 5.9-liter.

The Cummins B-Series engine

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30 thoughts on “ULTIMATE LIST of TOP 10 Diesel ENGINES IN THE WORLD! Enjoy the DIESEL Power!

  1. Maury field

    I think the Mercedes Benz mb900 deserves a spot. Durable problem free engine that runs easy 500,000 plus miles with only basic maintenance

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for your idea Maury. That sounds great. Maybe we will include that engine in another article ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Al Bailey

    No cummins?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Actually Al the Cummins B series is tenth on our list. You can read about it on page one of this article.

  3. rj

    Why is the cummins 10th but the duramax and 7.3 power a stroke ranking higher? The duramax came around in the early 2000s and the 7.3 was discontinued. The b series has been around since the 80’s and is still produced today. Granted they are all great engines but I feel the cummins was cut short.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You have a point there RJ. By the way, you can find many cool articles featuring trucks with these engines showing their true power. Check them out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Lori

    Way to go Detroit 60SRS!! But what about the C-15?? And where did Volvo come in?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well, we can include the C-15 in another article Lori. You just gave us a great idea. Thanks buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. asadm

    nissan td42 mercedes 0M609 are engines that deserve a spot.. unsung heroes

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We will surely look them up Asadm. They must be great engines ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tim

    Wait no E.M.D(567,645,710)s? Literally used in every thing from locomotives, ships/tugboats, powerplants, drill rigs, water pumps. Seriously the MOST reliable diesel engine ever built. Same basic design from 1930s, way back when EMD was General Motors Cleveland Diesel.

    I could go on about other diesels that should be on that list but an airbox inspection isn’t gonna get it self done.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well, we can consider making another list in a second article Tim. Thanks a lot for your ideas, we appreciate it.

  7. Matt

    The toyota 1HD – FTE 4.2 deserves to be in the top 5 just like the cummins should be and rid off the duracrap very unreliable garbage!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We’ll keep that in mind Matt.

  8. Tman

    Not sure what your going for with this article, but if your after daily driver engines, you cannot go past having the TD42T by Nissan and the 1HDFTE by Toyota. These two regularly last well past 500,000km without a rebuild and can produce high power as well when given the juice and reliably on everyday 4×4’s.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      No problem Tman, all of our readers’ suggestions will be taken into consideration for another list.

  9. Guy

    An international 7.3L power stroke? The 7.3 L power stroke is a V6 made for fords. The Maxxforce 7 is what is put into an international truck. And they are two different engines. Which one do you guys mean? Because the Maxxforce 7 had a life of about 60,000 miles before they needed to be overhauled due to worn components.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That was just a small typo in the text. The correct phrase is 7.3L Power Stroke. We fixed it now.

  10. Filipp

    There is a even more powerful diesel engine by the Volkswagen group. The 6 liter v12 diesel by audi produced 500hp and 1000nm of torque. It was availible in the Audi Q7 v12. Its a great engine

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Very impressive. Great job done by the Volkswagen group.

  11. Paul

    I cant believe you missed the bmw M57 3.0 diesel engines. These were the first properly refined big Diesel engines that made great power and torque need little maintenance and spawned better, more powerful versions in the burrent range

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      No worries Paul. We’ll write more about them in another article. Thanks for this great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Arthur

    In my opinion you missed one amazing diesel engine, that deserves even the top spot: the Audi diesel engine that powers the Le Mans winning racing cars. Not only it is reliable and a high tech engine, it is also fast and powerful. It is the engine that proves that diesel engines must not only be for boring, dull and smelly vehicles.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad to hear that Arthur. We will definitely look it up.

  13. Kevin Barry

    Please research the Hino J08 series of in line 6 engines. Great combination of fuel efficiency and dependability. Ironically the DT466 has a great reputation but in all reality they typically at least require a top end rebuild before 300k miles, usually well before that. Also surprised not to see the Mercedes Benz passenger car diesels of the 1980’s mentioned. You still see those cranking along today.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Another great idea for a next article on cool diesel engines. Big thanks Kevin!

  14. Darren

    Duramax rates better than DT, not sure about that one. I am also confused about you guys not giving credit to the N14 (550 Hp, 2050 lbs torque) or the 3406e with similar power.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Your opinion is appreciated and taken into account Darren. Thanks!

  15. Scott

    You put the caterpillar c-12 race truck engine on the list and it is built specific to racing. A better choice IMHO would have been the caterpillar 3406. From the A series to the E series these engines have been put in every industry from agriculture to marine and every place in between.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I see. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Scott.

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