Could This Be The Ultimate Mazda MX5 Collection?! Welcome To Miataland!

The Mazda MX5 was first presented back in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show. Since then, this Japanese car has been around for quite a while now, showing no signs of any popularity loss as a masterfully engineered roadster.

With fourth generations already behind, the sophistication, styling and safety features may have naturally evolved over the years, but the classic formula which resulted in this car to be such a hit almost three decades ago remain the same. The secret behind this great little car is the fact that Mazda MX5 is a car for everybody and a car that demands you to drive it. A large number of people have unfairly described the MX5 as ‘a hairdresser’s car’; people who’ve never even sat in one, nor even driven one. It is only when you do drive a Mazda MX5, that you quickly realize why so many people have instantly fallen in love with the MX5 over the years, and how the simple engineering recipe of Mazda from the late 1980s, is still imbued in the spirit of 2017 Mazda MX5.

Is this the greatest collection of Mazda MX5 cars ever seen in the world?! Andrea Mancini is the proud Mazda MX enthusiast from Italy who managed to gather an impressive collection of over 30 limited edition samples of Mazda MX5, Miata and Euno Roadsters.

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