Using GPS Trackers for Your Business

Any organisation operating company vehicles know that safety, security and control are of paramount importance. All within careful cost management too. One of the most vital tools available to help meet all of these business objectives is the latest GPS tracker systems. Many drivers now take satellite-based navigation systems for granted as they are part and parcel of getting from A to B every day.

However, GPS trackers for business are sophisticated pieces of kit, offering a multitude of important commercial advantages. The business applications for GPS equipment are extensive, whether your organisation has one car for sales or a fleet of vans for deliveries.

Direct and efficient transport and delivery

Of course, the advantages of business GPS systems include getting both the driver and the vehicle to their destination as quickly and smoothly as possible. If they take the most direct route, as guided by their GPS, fuel and time can be saved.

Having such applications as Google Street View on GPS trackers means that drivers can plan journeys far more effectively too, going straight to the front door to make deliveries. This also avoids the need to stop and ask for directions from head office or local people.

Keeping HQ informed

Another thing that can delay deliveries or meeting arrival times, is if the driver has to make regular calls to keep head office informed of their movements. Business GPS trackers are usually connected to head office computers. This means they generate valuable data to enable companies to manage vehicles in “real-time” (as well as the ability to analyse information post-journey).

Modern businesses are all about efficiency and minimising waste. That includes making sure that while your vehicles are out of the road their value is optimised and they cost the company as little as possible in fuel and repairs. GPS trackers provide the ability to locate individual drivers and vehicles or map out delivery patterns across your entire fleet. Including picking the best possible routes.

More advantages of installing GPS trackers

Using a GPS tracking system to constantly communicate in real time with your drivers and their vehicles can lead to significant business improvements, including better customer service.

Modern commercial GPS systems show drivers constant updates on directions, journey times and potential bottlenecks. It means they can take diversions or organise breaks to avoid being stuck in traffic jams. This can ensure that your customers get their goods or services without any unexpected delays. A late delivery or arrival at a meeting can mean a lost order.

The control room also has a far clearer idea of vehicle trajectory, arrival times and potential hold ups. This enables far more intuitive and responsive logistic management, including communicating exact delivery times to customers.

Also, if there are any disputes with customers about when their goods arrived, you can show unequivocal data from your GPS tracker.

GPS trackers for security and safety

There are times when companies need to use the latest GPS trackers for less positive reasons too. Often a lot of capital is tied up not just in the vehicle but the stock it contains too.

A GPS tracker installed helps monitor drivers that appear to display erratic travel patterns, or who are potentially misusing company vehicles. Are they taking longer breaks than allowed or unnecessary detours? It also helps you to prevent drivers from speeding, putting their safety at risk and increasing the potential for vehicle damage and delays in collisions.

Having a GPS tracker also means being able to track the vehicle when it is stolen, hopefully leading to much quicker recovery and less business interruption.

The sophistication of modern commercial GPS tracking systems is a world apart from the in-car systems consumers use every day. In fact, there are commercial GPS devices that are literally in a different orbit. They use additional satellite systems (such as GLONASS and GALILEO) to enable them to generate incredibly accurate data.

Commercial GPS trackers mean there is nowhere on earth your company vehicle can hide!


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