Vikings Go Wild

Watch out, they are coming. No one is safe when the they decide to invade the country, run, run.

An avalanche on coins will bury you, gold and silver will shine all around you, the screams will cover the valley, prepare yourself for the most exciting adventure, prepare yourself for the most incredible and scary people from the north, get ready the Viking and play the game here.

This superb 5 wheel and 4 row Slot will make you fall in love.

The graphics are simple and detailed, the sound effects could not be more appropriate and right, the symbols are very easy to understand and recognize for a perfect combination between adrenaline and fun.

How to play vikings go wild

The winning combinations are a lot.

To hit a win, Players must get at least three winning symbols starting from the first wheel on the left.

The stakes can be set in a very large range: the minimum bet can be set to 1 cent, which means, considering the 25 paylines, just 25 cents for a single spin.

The maxi bet, instead, can be set up to 4€, which allow the Players to bet 100€ in a single spin of the wheels.

There is, also, the possibility for Players to set a lot of parameters, such as the volume of the sound effects and the speed of the wheels and the Auto Play.

The personalization will make you feel comfortable in any game situation.

The Wild Symbol

As for other slots, the Wild symbol is basically the Joker.

It can substitute all other symbols in a winning combo, apart from the Free Spin and it is represented by the write Wild. It also respects the rule which rewards the Players only when the symbols are adjacent and starting from the first reel on the left.

The Free Spins

When the Free Spin symbol appears, you will jump from the joy.

This symbol rewards you with 8 free spins if you get just three symbols on your reels.

But if the number of symbols is 4 or 5, the number of free spins increases respectively to 16 or 24.

During this stage, a new concept and new rules are applied.

The sticky wild is now part of the game. All the Vikings can turn into a wild symbol and get stuck on the screen, while other symbols spin normally, this pump up the chances of winnings.

During this stage, the Chest symbol can appear as it was in the normal phase of the game.

The Chest

This unique symbol encloses the entire concept of this slot: the chances of winning a tone of coins.

As a matter of facts, when the chest appears, you have already won. It will show itself only on the last wheel and immediately a carousel of possible awards starts to spin inside the chest. The result of this carousel can be free spins or coins. This further opportunity denotes the superb attitude that this game has in rewarding the Players.


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